Starting a new boarding school?

Hello everyone & happy weekend!
I have so much to tell you guys, so let’s take it from the beginning!

I got to the boarding school in Sigtuna at Wednesday evening. We received a warm welcoming in the canteen- got information about the coming days & met the other students, along with eating snacks & cookies.

The campus is huge. It has different buildings where the academics are hold and also these  additional subjects: such as drama, dance, art classes, theatre, bridge, debating, yoga & so much more. Their sport center/ hall is huge as well- and they have a dance studio with barres & mirrors, which I will be able to practice in.

This school has a few different homes & boarding houses on campus, where the students live. Boys & girls are separated and around 200 students live in the boarding houses,  around 500 are only days students. There’s one house though, for the younger kids, where boys & girls are mixed. The boarding school has a goal of raising the students and to make them behave good- therefor there are of course loads of rules. But overall there’s a very nice & relaxed feeling among the students & each houses’ house parents. All the girls in the boarding house I stayed at are really close, just like sisters.

The boarding houses serve breakfast all the week days, where you have many different options of bread, yoghurt, juices, tea etc etc. The students living in the dorms of the school eat their lunch in the canteen with all the other day students. Everyone eats dinner together in the evenings, in the houses. I think the food is great & it is overall such a cozy environment, everything feels very friendly. All the students have decorated their bedrooms so nice, it really does feel like a home away from home. The most common thing is to have a roomie as well, but sometimes the oldest students get a room of their own.

I will start in the BM19 class, after Christmas, short for business management. Moreover, the economy program in english. A fun fact is that everyone basically only speaks english with each other, which is something I really like. The reason is mainly because many of the students are half swedish but have only lived in different countries abroad, and finds it much easier to communicate in english, just like me.

The trial days were finished by a meeting on Saturday morning, along with brunch. On all the weekends, the students get served brunch in the canteen. The brunch is amazing! They have everything from scramble egg, bacon, pancakes, yoghurt & fresh fruits to hot chocolate, tea, croissants, cookies, sandwiches & cakes. We decided that we will send in the application to the school on Monday morning, they hand me a bunch of books so I can already start studying & I will actually sleep there on Wednesday- to go over the future plans with my mentor & such things. Then my dad & I are leaving for Dubai on Thursday, I can’t wait! 

Attending this school will not only give me a chance to do the full year in only one semester, but I will also be able to travel to Stockholm (it takes like a little less than an hour) where I will do physio & practice ballet. The school also has a great gym & loads of fun after school activities, which I look forward to tryout.

I think this was all about it. I hope this will be good, although I am so sad to leave my siblings & to move away from my family once again… At least there are lots of holidays where I will be able to travel to Delhi on. 

Take care!


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