(4+3) Pros & cons: NO school but traveling

Pro: No stress over school!

Con: On the other hand, I actually love studying & I hate not doing any academics… 

Pro: But- I mean it is still good because now I have heaps of time to workout, do physio & rehab and to TRAVEL! ❤

Con: Not getting the social life as I would if I would’ve been in a school. I still have lots of friends in India though & I miss them lots right now. Good thing I am back in Delhi in only a week.

Pro: No deadlines, no specific schedule to follow, no homework. Not getting enough sleep or getting in bed too late? No problem! I can sleep later the next day if I wanting to.

Con: Feeling lonely- not being in an actual class.

Pro: This is only temporary. I do have GOOD future plans as well as backup things, if what I want doesn’t seem to workout. Since this isn’t forever, all I can do now is to enjoy only having to think about getting well, strong & stable in my body, soul & mind.



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