Life is a one time offer- use it well!


That’s a good quote, isn’t it?

Today I started my morning with a nice workout, after having some buffet breakfast. I did a hard workout yesterday so I took it a little easier today. I’ve had slightly more pain than usual in my back, but no where near as bad as it was before (TOUCHWOOD!), so I try to really make sure that I don’t push too hard- or the opposite. I guess the way to being recovered doesn’t  go straight up, or positive all the way, right?
Recovering is like a roller coaster, it goes up & down,  sometimes it’s not fun at all while at other times everything feels great…

At lunch time, I met up with a bunch of friends. Then I head to the part of the city where we ‘used to’ live, to meet the family that nowadays owns our dog, Zingo. It was so nice meeting my little cutie again, he was overwhelmingly happy to see me again. Too cute! I then did some errands & Christmas shopping in town, before having dinner with another friend of mine. Full schedule, isn’t it?

Tonight, I watched the nutcracker together with the Royal Swedish ballet school, (with other words) my old school. It was fun watching it but also a bit weird, I mean, I am now used to dance it and watch it from the curtains on the sides, not form the public. Anways, I had a great evening. I talked a lot to my former teacher as well, she’s so nice.

Tomorrow I have to run some more errands & fix quite a lot of things. I will also watch another ballet class at the school- and see the nutcracker a second time (another cast will do it then so I’ll get to see all my friends performing!). My dad and I will leave Stockholm & go to the airport around 11 am on Thursday. I really do enjoy my time here in Sweden, but I cannot wait until I get to the sun & warmth in Dubai.

I hope your day was good, night! ❤ 


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