Happiness is… a new fresh haircut!


Good evening all!

Just like yesterday, I started my morning with a workout- not a too heavy one but still more than what I did yesterday. Then I went to town, where bought a bunch of things for my family. Things you cannot get in India… I grabbed some lunch at the ‘Sushi Roll’- quick & delicious, before I went back to the hotel.

When at the hotel, I started organizing allllll my packing, it so much stuff! Good thing mom is brining a luggage with lots of shopping space to Dubai, because mine’s full. After packing for awhile, I then head in to town again- this time to get a haircut.

I am so happy with the results, my hair is like 1 decimeter shorter now but so much fresher. I love it! You can tell there’s a big difference, right?

One hour later, my hair was done & I went to the school to meet up friends. I also met my teacher, we said goodbye- but are already planning on meeting when I’m back in Stockholm, which is a little before Christmas. This evening I went to see the Nutcracker once again, with another cast. I really love the Swedish version of the Nutcracker, it’s so cozy, extremely detailed & has such a good story behind it.

It was sad saying goodbye to my friends but I know that I’ll meet them sooner or later anyways. Especially now since I am moving to Sigtuna after Christmas, to go to the boarding school there.

Tomorrow we’ll leave the hotel around 10.30am to go to the airport. I can’t wait to get some tropical (amazingly) nice weather! Neither can I wait till I get to show my family all the things I’ve bought for them ❤ 


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