Enjoy life now, this is not a rehearsal

Good evening everyone! 

Another good day has gone by. I love the heat, the weather, I love Dubai & I absolutely love being here with my family. 

We basically spent all day by either the pools or the sea. In the afternoon, we did paddle boarding, which was so much fun! I’ve been wanting to do this for so long, and we finally did it. We all were actually really good at it, in the very beginning it was a tiny bit scary – but some minutes later we had already gotten in to doing it. It was easy & lots lots lots of fun!

I worked out for a little less than an hour in the afternoon, only strength. I always start with some basic warmup things, shoulder rolls, side bends, leg swings & such stuff to get the joints going and to get warm from the inside. Then I do series of exercises with either 3 or 5 sets each. For example push-up position twisting the body side to side- this I do for 1 min but in 5 sets, together with 1 min plank for 5 times as well. I also do leg dips, crunches, lunges, bridges, relevés & so it continues. My back pain is actually getting better now, for a week or so I didn’t see any progress in pain, but now I have less pain. For the moment, I don’t even have any “pain“, I just feel ‘something’. If you know what I mean… it’s not actually pain but still something, at least much better than before.

My family and I had an amazing dinner at a restaurant in a hotel. It’s situated in more of like the town of Dubai & not out on the palm, where we are staying. The restaurant was on the 52nd floor, with an amazing view!! It was incredible looking out at everything down below, how little & unimportant it seems. So pretty though. The food was delicious as well.

Tomorrow will be our last full day, here in Dubai. I already miss it! The plane departures around 3 in the afternoon on Monday. I am happy going back to Delhi though, to continue with physio again & to see my friends.

I hope you’re having a good weekend. Good night!  ❤ 


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