Pollution fears & money struggles

As the topic says- pollution fears & money struggles are the daily problems here in Delhi, India. The country is literally out of money because of the sudden change of the bills & you have extreme luck if you manage to get some from the ATMs…
Compare the photos of our view from the balcony to one another- you’d be blind if you cannot tell which one is the one showing today’s pollution. That’s a huge difference.
Horrible, right?

Today I started the morning with walking at the treadmill in the gym, for half an hour. I then got ready & did a little bit of studying (math!), before mom & I went to have brunch with people from a group called “Gurgaon Connection”. That’s basically a group of expats, all adults living in Gurgaon, who meets & do fun activities together. We met nice people & had a good time, before heading to Delhi & to physio.

I did physio for an hour, I felt really good & I am happy with the progress of my back, at the moment. We had lunch at school, where I met other friends. When my siblings finished, we picked them up and went home. This evening I’ve been studying with my sister. ❤

This was my day, I hope yours was a good one. Good night!


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