December 1st

Hey guys!
I’ve just finished off some hours studying. Today I’ve been working out, doing physio, meeting friends, shopping & studying. By the way, IT’S DECEMBER! Soon Christmas… 

I woke up quite early. Had breakfast while doing math & then I hit the gym. I walked fast-not for too long, but with a lot of resistance. Around 10ish, mom & I went to some shopping malls. We mainly looked around. I was thinking about buying some new clothes but we kind of just got stuck in all the lovely stores- Louis Vuitton, Channel, Gucci & so on. Strolling around. I did buy a cute notebook though, very needed (NOT from the brands mentioned above though). Mom & I had Starbucks, as lunch in the car, on the way to physio.

My legs are dead (arms as well), from today’s physio. I only did one hour but it was very intense. I am so happy my back pain is gone! I’m afraid to use the word “gone” though since I fear it will come back, but for now- everything’s going great. I am surrounded by so many people who support & make me happy everyday. Thankful.  ❤

The money here in India is still a huge problem. I read just this morning that people have died because of heart problems due to queuing for too long for the ATMs… Most of the machines don’t have money & in the rare case they do- the lines are endless. #onlyinIndia…


Have you opened your advent calendars yet? This year I have a chocolate one & a one with 24 different teas, both are so cute! ❤️️ It doesn’t feel much like Christmas here though. I mean: 25 degrees isn’t really setting the mood… I guess the pollution is our snow…?

You will never imagine if you haven’t experienced it yourself, but the pollution is so scary. The first thing I do in the morning, when I’ve just gotten out of bed- is to open up the curtains & see what the weather is like. Today, I was shocked. I couldn’t see ANYTHING– except the white- grayish fog. The roads are covered in it as well, drivers are getting totally  lost every now & then because of it.

Well, I hope you’ve had a cozy 1st day of December. Tomorrow’s Friday! I have an fun day waiting ahead of me!


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