Peace, love & party.

(this post was supposed to go up yesterday, Saturday, but the wi-fi didn’t work…)


“It’s not about how bad you want it. It’s about how hard you are willing to work for it.”

Yesterday I spent the whole morning, all the way until around 1.30pm, working out. First I was at my friend’s house for some hours.We did such a good workout (as always!). Legs, feet, turnout exercises, arms, pointe shoes & so on. I am so sore today, everywhere.  Then I head to an hour physio session in Delhi.

The rest of the day was spent at AES, American Embassy School. The perks of living in Gurgaon is the heavy traffic & endless car queues, when driving to Delhi. The time was too little to go back to the apartment after physio, & then drive to school again, to pick up my siblings. They finished around five, because of their after school activities. It wasn’t too funny waiting there for some hours. I did a little bit of studying though & then I hang out with friends.

The evening was way more fun though. My friend, who lives ‘next door’- in the tower next to ours, had a party. I had a lot of fun & it was a great night. I got home a little after midnight so I am not too tired today.

This Saturday hasn’t been a day filled with loads of happenings. I was studying the whole morning, I’ve cleaned & organized my room, and such things. My ballet friend’s kids are coming over in a bit. They’ll stay here for the evening since there’s this big “Glögg party” hosted by another friend of ours (swedish), here in Magnolias. Basically all the expats here are going so I’ll babysit my siblings & my friend’s kids as well. One thing, among many, that I love in this expat life is how strong the community is. There are always things happening, parties, melas, events & so on…

Enjoy the weekend!   


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