Christmas feelings ?

It’s beginning to like a lot like Christmas! Or actually, no. Not at all

With 25 degrees outside & a shining sun with no signs of snow, it doesn’t really feel like Christmas is only a few weeks away… Making gingerbread cookies & Swedish Lusssbullar yesterday, did put a little Christmas feeling over the house though. And today when mom and I were at AES, we noticed how the school had put little cute snowmen everywhere, as well as other Christmas decorations. That was nice. 

The pollution isn’t too bad at the moment but it’s getting colder. Today it was actually only “very unhealthy“- around 200-300 according to the US Embassy’s measurements of the pollution levels. If the pollution would reach such high levels in Sweden, people would evacuate everyone & everything immediately. While here, in Delhi, we appreciate how fresh the air feels during these days; that’s how you know India has made you a go a little crazy. Poor lungs breathing this dirty air… 

Today I did physio for an hour, except from that and a visit to AES- I’ve been studying more or less the whole day. Maths, French & business studies. 

Does anyone know the books “Diary of a Wimpy kid”? The author, Jeff Kinney, was visiting the school today. It was pretty cool seeing him in real life, standing in front of you holding a presentation. He was really funny & made great speeches. We bought signed books from him as well, that’ll pass as some good Christmas presents. 

I hope you’ve had a good start of this week. Tomorrow morning will be spent working out with my ballet friend, as always, I can’t wait! 

Goodnight! ❤️


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