Short-term pain, long-term gain? 

Lacoste & Tommy
My absolute fav animal in the world ❤️
Ft. super delicious muffins made by our maid

I’ve spent the most of my day studying economics. It’s from my Business Studies book that I found the little quote above. That’s a good one, isn’t it? 

I had an early morning, waking up at six o’clock. After having breakfast & a little bit of reading & studying, I head to my friend’s house- for another one of these good workouts. We worked out for around one & a half hours.

Can anyone guess what I’ll do tomorrow…? 

…Watch a ballet class! I’ll visit a ballet school here in Gurgaon, it will be interesting watching the class and I can wait to tell you more about it.

After lunch, my mom & I did a quick visit to Ambience Mall, where I bought 3 things from Tommy Hilfiger & Lacoste. The whole afternoon, as well as the evening- was spent studying.

I have a lot of things to study, especially since I’ll have to take some tests right after the Christmas break, to compensate what I’ve missed throughout this semester. Although it’s a lot of things to do, I am really happy about it. I have found a perfect balance between working out & practising hard everyday, while getting lots of things done with the academics- as well as having fun & seeing friends. I am also quite happy about not having any upcoming finals or exams, as my friends have. Wishing them the best though!

I hope you’ve had a good day. Sweet dreams! ❤️️


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