Ballet feels’

Good evening all!! 

The morning & a bit of the afternoon was spent with my (ballet) friend & the evening was for studies. 

I really enjoyed watching my friend teaching a ballet class, this morning. I loved hearing classical music & seeing ballet combinations, steps & dancing again. It was also a lot of fun to see her dance, she’s such a beautiful dancer, it’s really inspiring seeing her work. The students on the other hand, have a lot to work on. They are mainly adults starting when they were old, which makes it hard. At least they try & have passion for it. Although, there’s one guy who’s been dancing abroad, he has great potential & is a very good dancer, gifted.

After some hours in the ballet studio, we went to school, to pick up the kids who all finished early today- at 1.30pm. I met my family at school & then we head home. As I mentioned above, the rest of the evening & afternoon was spent with the books- business studies & math. Great company… 

Tomorrow I will be doing physio for an hour after lunch. Before that, we’ll have a meeting with the doctor. I might do a MRI here in Delhi, before going to Sweden. It is much easier doing it here & it can be good discussing the results with the doctor before I leave, as well.

I did a bunch of feet series (kept going for an hour) this morning. In the evening I did 40 minutes workout, mainly focusing on building core strength. I also worked on port des bras & perfecting certain movements in ballet. Missing it so much! I cannot wait till I’m in back in the studio again.

Goodnight! ❤

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