Delhi adventures: Dilli Haat

Today my mom & I were surprisingly happy; discovering Dilli Haat in Delhi. A big market with loads of handcrafts, all from different regions. The stalls are only there for 15 days, before they are replaced with new crafts & supplies to buy, new sellers. 

We started off the morning by running/ walking at the treadmills, in the gym together. After sometime getting ready, we then went to the market: Dilli Haat. 

It took us about 50 minutes getting there, from Gurgaon. Dilli Haat is an open-air food plaza and craft bazaar located in Delhi. They have many different stalls, each standing there for 15 days before it gets replaced. You can find everything from saris, jewelry, dream catchers- to furniture, decor, rugs, statues & so on… Everything is very beautifully made & it was really nice seeing this. We didn’t buy anything today, but will definitely come back in the nearest future. It’s a perfect place to find good christmas presents for friends & family in Sweden…

We only had around an hour, strolling around the market, before we had to leave for physio. When at physio, I discussed with the doctor, whether to do a MRI now or not, but agreed that it was too early & better to do it while I’m here in February, over the break instead. I think he’s a really good doctor, he did say some good things about future plans as well & he definitely agrees that what I will do after Christmas sounds like a good plan. After the appointment I had one hour of physio. Then we drove to school to have lunch & to catch up with friends.

I haven’t done that much studying today, but I did spend sometime on math & business studies in the evening at least- and french in the morning!

Have a good night! 



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