Christmas spirits @ the Swedish Embassy 

Good evening all! 

Christmas is getting closer & closer. When do you celebrate Christmas Eve? 24th, 25th or another date? In my family, & overall in Sweden, we celebrate it at the 24th of December. Only 15 days left!! Today, we were at a Glögg party, at the Swedish embassy. 

My morning started out with another great workout with my friend. We did legs, feet, arms, core and a bit more barre than usual. My legs were dead afterwards & my back is a little sore from yesterday’s hard work in the machines as well- from the spine room at the physio. Add that to an intense overall body workout, including rather hard barre exercises- and that’s how dead my body is. It’s all good pain though, I love the feeling of work. To complain a little more, I’ll let you know that I have such a bad headache… hopefully a good night’s sleep will solve that.

When done with the workout at her house, I went home again. After lunch, I spent some time (no, actually a lot of time) taking some ballet photos. I hate the feeling of not having anything to post… but now I do! I’ll show you the results soon.

In the afternoon, my parents & I got ready & head to school- where we picked up the rest of the family. Then we went to the Swedish Embassy, to get some Christmas spirit. We were at a Glögg party with other swedes & people from Swedish companies. Drinking Glögg, eating pepparkakor, kanelbullar & Swedish candy (lösgodis!). 

It’s weekend again! Enjoy your Friday.
I cannot believe how fast the time flies sometimes. I am leaving India next Sunday, to spend the Christmas in Sweden. I really don’t want to though..



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