Dream catcher obsessions

Hello everyone!! 
I am currently stuck in traffic, as per usual, so why not write another blogpost? 

Yesterday was spent doing math & economics all day (which resulted in minimum studying today), but the evening was great fun. Me & some friends had a calmer, still really good night, watching a horror movie, hanging out- taking walks & talking.

I wasn’t too productive this morning, I did a bit of business studies. Our maid doesn’t work on Sundays so we made lunch ourselves, pesto pasta with bacon & vegetables, delicious. Then we, my family & I, went to Dili Haat– for the second time.

Since it was the middle of the day on the weekend, it was much more busy than when mom & I went there on a weekday. We managed to buy some cool things anyways, I bought two really pretty dream catchers & a necklace, which I’ve been looking for a long time. Everything is very cheap & especially with a bit of bargaining.

The weather has been really good today, not too much pollution- under 200, which is only ‘very unhealthy’… The temperature is around 25 degrees & the sun is shining. Perfect weather! A huge difference comparing it to snowy Sweden… I am not missing the cold. 

When I am home again, I will workout & then study the rest of the evening & night.

I am leaving Delhi in exactly one week… I really don’t want to and I’m not excited going, even though I will be flying to Stockholm. I hate how I have to leave just when I’ve found such good friends & really gotten into the life here. Well, I guess going to the boarding school in Sweden will be good as well, at least I’ll be back here in Delhi in the end of February. Time will pass quickly I hope.

I hope you’ve had a good weekend, it’s only some days until Christmas break. Here, the school’s out the 22nd, that would be a little tight with all Christmas celebrations, so my family will leave some days early. Although me, my mom & little brother are going even earlier, since he’s in second grade it’s not that dramatic missing some days of school. 

Sweet dreams! 


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