Nothing worth having comes easy

Quote to live by…?

Today has been a day filled with loads of hard work. I started the morning with my friend, working out for around 2.5 hours- with her cute dog joining the end of our workout. We did some barre exercises as well, this time in a quicker tempo- more like how you would do in class. It felt really good, no pain or such things. We then had lunch together before I went to physio. The physio was really hard today. I worked a lot in the spine machines, sometimes doing up to 50 reps each side… No wonders my body feels tired.

I absolutely love how much better my back feels. How hard I am able to work & that I can finally start to push myself really hard again, that has been missed. This makes me happy as everyday pass, that the pain that has been bothering me so much- is finally gone. TOUCHWOOD that it never comes back.

I got home around three in the afternoon & since then I have more or less been studying till now. Business economics & math, but I’ll soon start with some french as well.

I hope your day was a good one. Tomorrow it is one of my best friend’s birthday!


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