“Difficult roads often leads to the most beautiful destinations”

Good evening everyone! 
If feels like it was forever since I wrote a blogpost on the computer. I hate blogging from my phone but I’ve been too busy studying & trying to enjoy my time here in India, since I am leaving on Sunday… I high key wish I wasn’t. 

These past days have been good I guess. I’ve had a lot of fun with nice friends & the physio has been great. My back pain is really good & I think that what I am studying is going all fine as well. I’m almost finished with the math for this semester. Business studies/ econ is fun & the french is easy.

Anyways, our driver had permission to take a day off yesterday, to attend a wedding (if you didn’t know, weddings are such a big thing in India). Since we are not more than humans, we obviously gave him allowance to have the day off, he had arranged with a replacement driver as well, which worked out fine. This was all nicely planned until today’s morning. Do you think he showed up at 7.15 in the morning as he had promised us to do? Nope. Not at all- he still hasn’t. He’s not answering his phone either… As strange as it seems, this is only another common happening in the, sometimes, crazy life in India. But because of this, my (very good) plans got changed completely- I was supposed to go with my friend and watch another ballet class of hers, but instead I had to stay at AES…

Mom & I got to the school by the school bus, while dad managed to arrange with another driver to take him to work. I was then stuck at school while mom was participating doing christmas decorations in my little brother’s class, he’s a 2nd grader. A little before lunch, we had gotten another driver & we then went to DLF Promenade/Emporio Mall, in Delhi- for some nice christmas shopping. I had physio for an hour in the afternoon, which was the last physio session until end of February… That is kind of sad since I am so used to go there, a bunch of times in the week, for a long time. Anyways, after physio we went back to school.

I got a ride home from school with some of my friends, who also live at Magonlias- which was very fun. All high schoolers are currently having exams & finals… I wish them all the best of luck, although I’m sure they’re doing fine.

I have to start packing a little now… Since that might take awhile I figured I better start, to not procrastinate it any longer. Last-min packing isn’t something I can recommend.

I hope your day was a good one, goodnight! 




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