We need to appreciate how precious life is.

Throwing it back to visiting Taj Mahal, it was such a nice trip… Can’t wait till I see my cousins at the Christmas break!

It’s almost midnight here in Delhi & I should be asleep- due to the fact that I apparently have to go to school with my sister tomorrow morning. Consequences of living in Gurgaon, it takes an hour getting to AES everyday… Well, I’ll spend like three hours waiting for her there, so I’ll better take that time to go through school stuff with dad. He works with business finance which is actually really good, I mean, that’s what I am studying right now so he can definitely help me a lot.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how precious life is? Or at least to be happy & thankful for good friendships? I had the best conversation with my best friend this whole evening. Our dads were already good friends during high school, which means that we’ve been friends from literally day 1 of our lives- although I am born some months earlier- but that doesn’t count (right?). We also lived in NYC together when we were small, how goals? Anyways, I really do appreciate all good friends I am surrounded with, who makes me happy everyday.

After a 2 hours long workout this morning, mom & I went to Kahn Market for some christmas shopping. We also had lunch at our favorite restaurant, Good Earth. Then we went to AES to wait for the others to finish off school.

I met with my ballet friend at school. I gave her a little christmas/ ‘thank you’ gift, for allll these hours she has spent with me, working out. I am so thankful for that & I already miss her. Of course we will stay in touch though, and I am back here in only two months. Time flies fast!

Lately, I have gotten quite a lot of emails regarding different things, asking  questions etc. I am really happy for that & you are all so sweet. I just wanted to let you know that I have read them all, but haven’t had any time to answer them yet. I will for sure do it sooner or later though!

It’s way past midnight now, I better sleep… Night!


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