Packing chaozz 

This was my last evening in Delhi for 10 weeks…!! 

You know this feeling when you wake up & you know that this will be a bad day, right…? So, I woke up today with nothing but that feeling, and guess what? The day actually turned out to be a really good one. 

I spent 2.5 hours studying with my dad, in school in the early morning, while Thea had a leadership education (something?). It was for elementary & middle schoolers. Then I spent time with my ballet friend, who surprisingly was at school as well, her kids also participated in this. Around lunch time it was all finished so we head home. I spent the afternoon packing, because I hadn’t started AT ALL before then. In the later afternoon I went to the gym, where I ran for about 20 Minutes, followed that up with stretching.

Today was the last time my little brother had a play date with his best friend here in Delhi, who’s now taking on Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. That’s a sad but true fact about living an expat life. People come & go all the time.

This evening was spent with my friend Maria, who lives in the tower next to ours. We had loads of things to talk about, while sitting outside breathing the dirty air of India… I can literally feel my throat hurting now & that’s not imaginary… Well, it was totally worth it & we had a good time. I already miss her!

It’s almost 12 here & I have to go to bed sooner or later. I’ll be up by six o’clock tomorrow morning, leaving the apartment 7 & waving goodbye to Delhi from the airport around 10am. I will spend most of the time on the plane studying, since packing was my number one priority today.

I hope you’ve had a good Saturday. Sweet dreams! 


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