Good friends, good food & good times 

My day started at 7am this morning. An hour later, me & my little bother were on our way to meet his old class, while mom was heading to the hairdresser (I don’t know if you remember, but don’t ever try to color your hair blond in India, if you don’t want black stripes as well). 

Filip had a great time meeting his classmates. We watched their “Julspel”, aka Christmas play. After that performance, which kind of set us a little more in the mood for Christmas, we went back to town to meet mom. Then I did some Christmas shopping before I met with a friend for a fun photo shoot in our hotel room.

I had lunch with two other friends, at Espresso House- classic, I know. I really enjoyed our time spent together & it was great catching up with them. The rest of the afternoon was spent with my best friend Rut. We went ice skating, which was SO much fun. I did figure skating as a little child, but I have to admit that whatever skills I got from doing that- are totally gone. Anyways, it was great fun, finishing with a nice dinner at Friday’s. So cozy! (and well deserved I guess…!)

I’m leaving Stockholm tomorrow morning, I’ve had such a good time here, but it will be good to go back to the country side again. I have a lot of studying to do… Let the (already) hard work begin! 


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