The day before Christmas 

Aka ‘Dan före dopparedan’. (In Swedish!!). In Sweden, we celebrate Christmas Eve the 24th of December. Which means today’s the day before Christmas!! Ahh so excited!! 

I haven’t had the funniest day on earth though. I’ve mainly been inside, studying. Math, french & business studies. All morning & all afternoon. I did a workout before dinner & then I spent some time wrapping Christmas presents for my family. I love Christmas!

We ate a nice Christmas dinner in the evening. It’s really cozy being back all together again, on the country side of Sweden. I appreciate our time together. It’s 17 days until I’ll start at the Boarding school. I’m actually kind of excited about it now. And on the other hand, I am lowkey wishing Christmas break would last forever.

I’ll soon go to bed pretty soon. although it’s only a little before eleven. But hey, I mean you need to have energy for a day full of presents, santa, food & fun, right?

Sweet dreams! ❤ 




One thought on “The day before Christmas 

  1. Hi Moa! Just want to let you know, I have nominated you for a 3 day challenge. Please go and check out my recent post for more details about it if you want to take part and I look forward to hearing from you soon! 🙂


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