Believe in yourself a little more. 

Good evening all! 

I’m currently lying in the sofa, watching SKAM. It’s a famous Norwegian TV serie, that literally every single teenager in Sweden is watching. I’m halfway through season 2 & I LOVE it. Not to talk about how pretty the Norwegian language is… 

Today we ate the annual turkey dinner, at my grandparents’ house. It tasted as good as always. The morning was spent studying & I also did a short but intense workout. The evening as well.

The storm URG is wrecking outside, like literally. It’s super intense & they talk about it all over the news. I’m glad I’m not outside. It’s still a little scary, though I’m safe in my sofa, but to see how the windows are moving, the rain’s smattering & how the wind is grabbing the house & the trees.

I’ll soon grab a book & read a little before going to bed. Today it is exactly 2 weeks until the first day at the boarding school! Exciting… The Christmas sales started today so we’ll spend tomorrow shopping… something I really like. ❤

I hope you’re enjoying the holidays! Sweet dreams!! 


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