Challenging challenges ?

“Challenges are what makes life interesting & overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” 

Challenges can’t be tough. Rough. Horrible. Good? Maybe…
It was a very suitable quote I found on google earlier today, something to keep in mind when things don’t always go as planned. Because sometimes, they really don’t. Anyways I hope everything will be okay in the end.

Today has been a studying kind of day. I’ve been doing business studies, french & math. I also worked out in the morning. Not super hard core, more like stretching & balancing things. It was really good anyways. Strength is very good but sometimes a calm & more basic workout is just as good, once in awhile.

I’m currently watching SKAM. There isn’t one single person in Sweden who doesn’t know what that is. I swear. And it’s so freaking GOOD! I’ve soon finished watching season 2. There’s a season 3 as well but for the moment it’s only available in Norwegian, I’ll see if I watch it anyways or wait until it comes with Swedish subtitles.

Tomorrow will be a shopping day. (Yeyy!) We’ll also meet up with some of our cousins, long time no see.

My episode is over & I’ll now grab a book to read, another good one. 
Good night!! 


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