Keep calm and have a spa dayy

Good evening all!! Yesterday I had a day spent with my family & good friends, at a spa in Varberg (around an hour from here). That’s why I no blogpost came up. 

There were many different saunas, showers & pools. We ate lots of good food and overall had a great time. We only stayed at the hotel overnight and got back this afternoon. I’ve been studying since then.

It’s 5 days until I start at the boarding school, (Sigtunas Humanistiska Läroverk) SSHL. I’m actually really excited and I look a lot forward to it!

Tomorrow, we’ll drive to our cousins in Lund, an hour from here. We will then spend the day with them and stay there, overnight as well. Do some shopping & those fun stuff.

I’m currently having such an annoying cold. I did a calmer workout yesterday anyways, in the gym at the hotel & we all took a yoga class before that. My throat is really sore today so I couldn’t do as an intense workout as I’d wanted to, but I’ll take some time stretching when finished studying instead.

If you haven’t watched the series Homeland, you have to do it! It’s amazing…! I’ll spend the rest of the evening watching it with mom & sis ❤

Sweet dreams!  


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