First day of boarding school, check!

I’ve only been here for literally 24 hours but it feels like a week… First day of boarding school is now done & dusted! 

So, I got to the boarding house yesterday,  in the later afternoon. First thing I did, was to have a meeting with the houseparents (humor) & my mom, to go through info since I’m all new. Then we unpacked everything together before she went back.
My roomie is super nice (hi Olivia), she’s the same age as I am but goes to another class. Our room looks kinda good, apparently it goes a minibus to IKEA this Sunday, for everyone who wants to do some shopping for their rooms- so we’ll both go there & invest in some decor to make it all nice & cozy!

Today I started at 9am, with swedish, then I finished around 2.30pm with mentor time. By three o’clock, me & two friends went to the gym for some workout. I ran on the treadmill, did some abs & then stretching. An hour later, there was a fitness class in the studio, which I participated in- it was really good! After that, I stayed for sometime with another girl, to do a little pointe work, before hurrying to dinner which was at 5.45. You’re not allowed to eat in PJs or comfy clothes during dinner, to we quickly changed & then ate with all of the other girls.

I am seeing a physiotherapist on Thursday, to continue working with the back injury. I can feels how my back needs physio again. Tomorrow, right after we’re finished at two, I’ll have a meeting with the SYV & my mom to plan how I should study this semester, since I’ll have to recap what they all did before christmas.

Everything feels very good at the moment. Except the fact that I am in a normal school (haven’t been to one in 7 years?), surrounded by normal people… It’s weird, but I am slowly getting used to it. Everyone is really nice tho & my previous 24 hours have been great. Tomorrow I’m starting with economy class, then we have PE- which, btw, I haven’t had for 7 years either… Wish me luck!

I have so much more to tell you. About the school, future plans,  my back & so on- I’ll have loads of stuff to work on now to begin with, but I promise my posts will be better soon, stay tuned..!

Night ❤



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