Call me crazy, but I like suffering the day after I workout 

Hey Everyone!! 

Have you ever had that type of soreness where you literally almost feel sick, because it is that intense? Well, that’s me right now. I can definitely tell how the fitness pass I took yesterday worked out. Which of course, is a good sign, though it hurts- a lot. 

Tomorrow is the uniform day. Me & the two other new girls did the fitting for them this afternoon. You wear a grey skirt, black tights, any type of black shoes, a white shirt, to wear a slipover is optional (chose between blue, grey or red) & then you put it all together with a jacket and a tie. Along with the school uniform, we also got a SSHL hoodie with matching jumpers. 

I luckly survived the PE today. It was great fun, any guesses why? Well, because we practised folk dances- as you all know I do ballet the most, but of course I can dance the most classic folk dances as well. That was fun. 

Tomorrow’s not only uniform day, but also Hemmaserien, when the boarding houses compete against one another. This time swimming is on the schedule. Me & three other girls went to a swimming hall this afternoon for practice. I’m not participating in the competition myself, but swimming is a great workout for your body & it is also good to spend time in the water, if you have a back injury. To keep up with this sporty kind of theme that seemed to go around today, after läxis (the hours in the evening when you have to study) the whole boarding house had a mandatory volleyball practice. 

Me + balls = don’t really make the greatest match, I’d say. If you know me well you know I really dislike such sports. In the beginning, everything went like nothing but sh*t. After a while, when my arms were all bruised & I’d almost given up, I got in to it & it was actually fun. The practise kept going for 1.5 hours almost but wasn’t optional all the way till then. The rest of the evening was spent studying before going to bed. You have to be in bed 10.30pm, on the weekdays. 

I have to sleep now, 

Sweet dreams! 💗


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