“Whatever you are, be a good one”

Good evening all!

Tomorrow’s Friday, can’t wait! It feels like this week has been going on forever, I am more than ready to have two days (!!) off- something a dancer, like me, isn’t used to have. Neither am I used to finish at 1.20pm like I did today… Or to have an hour and a half long lunch break. It’s very convenient, living in the same area as where the school is. During the longer breaks, we go to the boarding houses and chill. Today, for instance, I went directly to the boarding house when the class before lunch was finished, I then made some food & went through some homework for an hour.

Yesterday, it was the “Hemmaserien“, where all the girls’ and the boys’ homes are competing against each other- this time it was swimming. We placed second, which was pretty good. It was also uniform day which started with the whole Gymnasium gathering together for an assembly in the aula.

Today I had physio. Only for around half an hour though- it was more of a meeting to go through everything from the beginning, discussing the injury, planning future sessions & to get an overview of what I usually do, for my workouts at home. I’ll go there next Thursday as well. I got home right on time for Läxis, the 1.5 hours when you aren’t allowed to do anything but studying. This time I was only focusing on math, there’s a teacher/mentor-ish who’s here every evening to help us with the studies. He helped me with math today, which was really good.

Since we finished so early today, me & two other girls went to the gym. I spent the rest of my evening studying and preparing for upcoming tests I’ll have to take next week, to catch on what I missed before christmas.

We have a long day tomorrow (I mean, long compared to finish around 1ish), we finish at four, starting with PE at eight.
So I better sleep now…

Nighty y’all



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