Good food makes a good life 

It’s weekend y’all, finally!! 

I have very exciting news for you: I’ll be meeting with the model agency Mikas on Tuesday afternoon. They called me & really wanted me to come. Fun!

Today I slept all night until eight in the morning, around ten me & some other girls from the boarding house went to the canteen, for brunch. The school serves brunch between 10-12am on the weekends. You eat dinner separately in the boarding houses on Saturday & on Sunday everyone eats together in the canteen. Anyways, as you can tell by the photos above, the brunch is amazing. Kept me full all day until dinner (though I made myself some snack before working out).

I’ve basically been studying all day today. Swedish, economics, maths & so on. I worked out with a friend for almost 2 hours at the gym in the afternoon, right before dinner. I started running for 20 Minutes, then I did abs, floorbarre & stretching. I am actually thinking about filming a video when I workout, to show my favourite ab exercises and such things. To later post on my blog and Instagram. If there are any specific things you’d like me to show: don’t hesitate to comment, email or DM me!

Two hours after dinner, it was mandatory going to the boarding in front of us- where they had Julgransplundring. Playing games & eating sweets (+fruit salad). I showered when we got back & then I continued studying.

I’ll watch some series now before going to bed!  Tomorrow, there’s a minibus going to IKEA for everyone who wants to do some room decor shopping (ME for example). I’m looking forward to that!

Have a good night, sweet dreams! ❤


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