Unitform day, homework, model agency & sports news 

Good evening everyone! It’s already Wednesday, I cannot believe how fast the time goes sometimes… 

I’ll blame my lack of blogposts on one single thing: school. I had an exam on Monday, as well as a verbal test in History on Tuesday. I’ve also been writing an argumentative text and a speech in Swedish, which I will hold in front of the class on Friday. This, among loads of other things…

Today after school, I went to the swimming hall for an hour of practice. Though my sleeping hours have been good lately I’m still super tired. I guess it’s the combination of everything new; the school, the friends, loads homework and tests etc. I also workout everyday. I got home from the practise some minutes before it was time for dinner. Since I literally couldn’t keep my eyes open, I set an alarm for 7 minutes and immediately fell asleep. 10 minutes later, and I was all ready for dinner. That was a needed power nap…

I’m having physio tomorrow at 3 o’clock. I worked out when I was finished with all the homework this evening. Since I had already done swimming, my only focus was some abs exercises, hamstrings, arms, feet & stretch. Hopefully I will manage to get some time alone in the studio tomorrow evening/night. I was there on Monday, after 30 minutes intense workout in the gym, which was really good. I put my own music and did a short barre.

Another fun fact: I’m in the volleyball team for our boarding house! The team is only temporary and after some practises they might change the players & such, before the actual competition. Anyway, I’m a really sporty person but volleyball is not my strongest side… Sometimes it goes very well, while at other times I feel like there’s a Third World War going on because I’m scared of the ball- which somehow seems to be everywhere.

Well, it’s soon 11pm and I should go to sleep. I have to go through my Swedish one more time. Hopefully I will have more time soon to write better blogposts: bare with me for now! ❤

At least a post regarding pointe shoes will be up in the near future…



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