Reunited <3

Good morning all! 

Why do the weekends always pass by too fast? At least it’s been a good one.

We finished school at four, Friday afternoon. After that, I went directly to my room and changed to my workout clothes. I spent around 2 hours in the gym and later in the studio as well. I started by walking for 5 min, then I ran for 5 min on the treadmill as a small warmup. That was followed by abs/core, arms, legs, back strengthening and stretching. I also put on my pointe shoes and did feet exercises before that. You have no idea how much better I feel after working out, not only physically but definitely also mentally. Anyways, I was just on time for dinner: at six o’clock.

I had a cozy evening spent with my roomie. Me and another girl went with husmor (the houseparent) to a supermarket where we bought snacks, chips & candy, for the other girls.

Saturday started off with studies… I finished my Swedish & started reading a 139 pages document which we will have a test on, the week after this week. Oh by the way, the Swedish speech I held on Friday felt very good! The teacher really liked it.

After some brunching with friends from the boarding house, in the canteen- I went directly to the gym, where I spent two hours.

During the rest of the Saturday, I did my laundry & some more studying before my best friend came to visit me! It was so nice seeing each other again. We walked around the huge campus area, had dinner (pizza) with the girls in my boarding house (as well as some boys form the other homes). Then the three of us, me, rut & Olivia (roomie) made popcorn & had ice cream while watching the horror movie: the Babadook. Super scary!! She then slept on a madras in our room.

I will spend this day studying and preparing for upcoming tests and exams. Hopefully they’ll all turn out with good results. 

Enjoy the last day of the weekend! 


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