Stop doubting yourself. Work hard, and make it happen. 


My third week at the boarding school is soon coming to its end. These three weeks have gone by so fast and it’s only 4 weeks left until I’m on the plane back to Delhi again. 

Our first game in the Hemserie will be tomorrow. This time it’s volleyball and I hope our team will do great. Hemserien is the competition that’s going on between all the boarding houses throughout the year- collecting points by competing in different sports and such. We are actually the leading boarding house, which is very fun!!

I had a really chill day today- yeasterday as well. I started at eight both days but finished around 2ish. Though I went to a french class with friends native speakers at 4 this afternoon. Perks of living on a boarding school is that you don’t have to leave until literally 7 minutes before you start. Leaving then will even make you come a little earlier to class. Sounds good, right? Anyways, I had a free period yesterday which I spent working out. In the evening, I was at the gym for another hour and 30 minutes- something. Stretch, strengthening & some exercises from class.

I was on the phone with my ballet friend in India, earlier this week. I miss working out with her but we talked through some great exercises over the phone.

2 fun facts: First one, I got an A on my exam in Business studies. Secondly, I am currently doing a fun collaboration with a super cool brand on Instagram. More about that will be up soon…

I am proud to say that I took the day off today- from working out. My back felt a bit too sore, in a-not-so-positive way, after yesterday’s tough workouts. Since I am still struggling with some pain (tough it’s a tiny bit better from resting) I decided not to push it at all today.

Having at least one day off a week will do nothing but good. Hard work will never be anything without resting a little now and then.

I spent this evening with all the girls in the boarding house. We had such a cozy night eating snacks, cakes and hot chocolate. 💗

As strange as it may seem, we will go to school on Saturday as well. Only from 10 in the morning to 1.50 pm though. It’s because the school is having the “opening doors” and people that are interested in the school will come and visit. I will actually be writing another exam that day, in business studies. We have one more test on Monday as well, but in social studies. That’s how I will spend my weekend; studying…

My eyes are struggling to stay open so I better get to sleep. Goodnight! 


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