– Think positive. Be positive. And positive things will happen.

Hey everyone!! 
And so the weekend is over, again… I hope you’ve had a good one- or two days off.
I’ve been studying pretty much the whole weekend. We’re having a sociology test tomorrow. 

Some great news are that my back is feeling much better now. Which obviously makes me very happy. I have physio tomorrow and on Thursday, I’ll do my first real ballet class since October. Can’t wait..! 

Another thing I cannot wait for, is the fact that I’ll spend next weekend with one of my best friends, in Skåne. It is a grey weekend here at the boarding school, meaning the houses close from Thursday till Sunday. After my ballet class on Thursday, I’ll go directly to the airport where I’ll fly to my friend (south of Sweden). Though I have a math exam coming up the week after- meaning many hours will be spent studying…

This weekend has been a red weekend, so everyone in the boarding houses had to stay. It was also the volleyball games going on and some other activities as well.
I’ll have to get back to studying now, some girls from class are coming over soon and we’ll do some studying together. I love how easily you can get help or to study with your friends, when going to a boarding school.

By the way, I will in the near future start a series of workout posts- first out are some abs and core exercises. Stay tuned for that!

Take care & goodnight! 


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