Singapore travel diary: 4th day

Heyy guys, 

To say the least: this has been an amazing day! 

When we were checking at the Marina Bay Sands‘ hotel this morning, we got upgraded– and given the Presidential Suite. What a pleasant surprise. This room, or should I say flat(?) is incredible. It has giant windows, showing a stunning view over Singapore itself. Not to talk about the cinema and karaoke room, massage room, gym or the robotic toilettes. A once in a life time experience, but a good one. 

Anyway, when the chock of the room had gone down a little, we took the metro into the Orchard station– where the most shopping is. Do you have ANY idea of how well organised or clean these metros and stations are? You even have to pay 500 SPD if DRINKING underground and 5000 if throwing away something…

In the middle of town, in one of the many big shopping malls, we found this really cool place where we had lunch. The food was made right in front of you, on your table. Big saucepans were placed in the centre and food was put in them. It was delicious!

After that we head to a hotel called Raffles, for the famous (obligatory) drink; Singapore Sling. The rest of the afternoon was spent by the incredible infinity pool and we later enjoyed a great dinner in one of the restaurants here.

With other words, it has been a really good day!
See youu



Singapore travel diary: 3rd day


Hey Guys, 

I get more and more in love with Singapore, for every second I am spending here. It is an incredible beautiful country, which we got to see more of today!

We had a calm day until lunch; tanning by the sea and by the pool, doing paddle boarding, playing around and just chilling. After lunch, we got ready and head to town. Since we are staying on the island Santosa, a common sort of transport are the ‘cabin cars’ – the ones you see in the first photo. They go really high up and you get a perfect view over Singapore. We used those on our way to and from town, where we visited a shopping centre. In the afternoon we did zip lining from a hill, that was great fun too.

I enjoyed this day to the max, with my family. Tomorrow, we will go to another hotel that is more in the centre of Singapore. 

Until then, goodnight! 

Singapore travel diary: 2nd day


Good evening guys!! 

Day 2 of Singapore has now come to an end. We had an amazing, but tiring, day at Universals studio Singapore. 

After a whole day, trying out different (fun) attractions and almost dying because of the warm and humide weather; we went back to the hotel for some swimming and chilling. Then I worked out before eating a steak buffet dinner. So delicious! 

It only took us around 15 minutes to get from the hotel to Universals, when there we had the express tickets, which made everything go so much fast. Instead of a 90 minutes queue, we waited for 15 minutes the most! Totally worth it…

All the attractions were great fun as well. We especially enjoyed the 4D (I guess it is called?) Transformers ride- where it feels exactly like you’re in their world: escaping the other transformers, jumping high buildings or fighting in the spirit of saving the world.

We are not sure about our plans for tomorrow. We might spend the morning tanning by the pool and later go for some shopping in town. We will see about that,

Nighty y’all!

Singapore travel diary: 1st day 


I got home around 12ish yesterday night, it was such a fun evening. I loved to finally see my (missed) friends again- not to talk about my family! 

Well, 5 hours later and I was wide awake (or not) desperately packing for our Singapore trip. The plane’s departure was at 9am and the flight took 5.5 hours. Due to the lack of sleep from the two previous nights, I slept more or less the whole time.

Arriving to Singapore was rather nice, the heat and humidity hit us as soon as we got off the plane. Loved it! If I was jet lagged before, it just got worse: the time difference to Sweden is now 7 hours, though I seem to be managing that fine.

It only took us 30 minutes to get to our hotel: Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort & spa. The evening was spent at the hotel area. We had an amazing seafood buffet for dinner and after that I went to the gym for a bit. We’re all super excited for tomorrow: Universal Studios.

It’s a bit over 11pm here and I have to sleep, 

Nightyy guys!


Heyyy guys! 

I’m currently on the airport in Copenhagen, Denmark. I’ve been here for 3 hours and will now board the plane in only 10 minutes- something.

The first flight was alright, I mostly slept so nothing too funny. This one will take 1 hour and 35 minutes, then I’ll arrive in Helsinki where I have 55 minutes until the final flight will take me to Delhi: landing 6.35 on Friday morning…

Got to go, see you! ✈️

Winter wonderland