First ballet class, food obsessions and travels

It was pure happiness having my first ballet class yesterday, since October. Surprisingly, I actually wasn’t as out of shape as I thought I’d be. We went through a full barre, going nice and steady without any cambrés back or such things. From what I saw in the mirror, it looked OK. Not too bad which made me really happy. Finally back on track with ballet! I’ve missed it so much…

Anyways, after the ballet class was finished I head directly to the central station to pick a train. Arlanda Express took me directly to my terminal, at the airport. I had no problems getting through security nor to my gate. The plane was on time and an hour later, around 10pm, I arrived to Skåne.

Today I spent the morning doing some yoga + core workout & a little (tiny) bit of studying before I went to my friend’s school for some lunch with friends. After lunch, I went with Agnes to her physio before we walked to the supermarket for some rather unhealthy purchases… I mean, you cannot be healthy all the time, can you?

We went to town in the afternoon and later on had a nice dinner with the rest of Agnes’ family-it’s her birthday today, by the way. Happy birthdayyyy ❤  This evening will be a calm one, watching movies and finishing off this unhealthy day by eating some chips.

Well, happy weekend y’all, 

Enjoy Friday!! 


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