Blueberry Breakfast


This is for everyone that has been asking what I eat for breakfast. Truth is, I cannot stay with the same food for more than a couple of days. Meaning, I what I have for breakfast differ from day to day/ week to week.

However, this is a great tip if you want a super easy, quick, healthy but at the same time sweet breakfast; Porridge with blueberries. If you’d like it even sweater, top it with some honey or agave syrup- I prefer having it more natural though.

This couldn’t be more simple: For one person, take 1 cup of oats, add some salt and mix it all with 2 cups of water. I always prepare my porridge on the stove. When finished, add some frozen blueberries, however big amount you’d like. It will be hot enough for them to somewhat melt/defrost.

Breakfasts like this does not only taste really good, but will also give you long term energy and keep you full longer than a light weight, white, toast would. Top this with banans, nuts or even more berries if you want an even bigger meal.



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