Hey guys! 

Above are some captured moments from the past two days. The snow is back, covering the streets of Sigtuna. It is unbearably cold outside, though the sun was shining strong today. 

Let me tell you how productive I was today: So, my day started off with PE (idrott/physical education) followed by social studies and then Swedish. During the lunch break, I went up to the dorm and spent time with my roomie. I made some snacks and then openend the window in our room; meaning I sat on a whole bunch of pillows and blankets soaking in vitamin D from the sun. Such a cozy moment. I then had math, desperately preparing for the upcoming (big) exam on Thursday… #nervous 

We basically had a free period, only an hour though, between Math and English. I quickly got changed and went to the gym: For 35 minutes workout, mainly focusing on cardio and a little strength- only squats, back lifts and push ups though. After this, I hurried to the English class, took attendance and was then free to leave. When I got to my room, I fixed all my laundry and finished some English homework.

I then had 2 hours of extra math- optional but very good to attend especially for the upcoming test. Then I got back to my room & studied a little before dinner. Productive, wasn’t I?

Anyways, I was in Stockholm yesterday, for another ballet class. I now realise how much I really do love to dance, especially when I don’t get to do class everyday. Please don’t take it for granted; being able to do ballet everyday, it may come a time where you cannot do it anymore. Be thankful for the past or presens and appreciate the challenges that the future brings you… I try my best doing so.

I am probably going to Stockholm on Friday as well, to dance.

It’s uniform day tomorrow! We do also have a “Vett och etikett”- dinner in the evening. It will be in the canteen with all the boarding houses together: like a formal dinner where you are properly dressed and behave just like you’d do on the fanciest restaurant ever. A starter, main dish and dessert will be served. I will be on swimming practise before that, meaning I’ll have to get dressed and ready rather quickly.

Well, I could go on writing about things forever and ever, though it would probably bore too many people so I better stop now. It’s already past 11 and we are supposed to sleep.

Goodnight! ❤ 


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