Happy weekenddd

Hey guysss!!

I’m currently in bed, having a break from history homework. I’ve loads of things to do lately, resulting in bad updates on the blog. Sorry for that!!

However, I had a math exam in the aula on Thursday. To be honest, it wasn’t a very good test and I was rather disappointed by it. We will see how that turns out… I certainly did enjoy the evening though, spending time in the beautiful gym in town, with friends.

I was in Stockholm yesterday, for another ballet class. I think it is going pretty good, I am a little out of shape but other than that it feels okay. My arms are stronger now than before, which makes my port des bras better. I got back home around 8pm, then I quickly showered and had dinner before spending the evening with the other girls, eating chips, snacks, candy while playing games. So cozy! 

Today was a “winter sports day” (ugh). You had multiple choices what you wanted to do, skiing, paint ball or walking 12km. My roomie chose skiing, she had to wake up at 5 in the morning… Anyways, I chose walking since that would not take as much time as the other activities- because I really need to study. We got back around 2.30pm ish.

There will be a party/disco thing tonight, with the theme “Terminal 5”- meaning international. Me and another girl will go as business women!

I have to get back to the books now (unfortunately) but enjoy your evening! ❤ 



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