Terminal 5: Business women 


How do the weekends always pass by too fast? I’m not well rested yet, nor did I do my laundry or finish all my homework… Can someone please give me another day off..?

Anyhow, it is actually not my own fault that I’m not yet done with the things mentioned above, it’s because of the red weekend. = Activities all days, leaving us with no time for either rest or study.

Yesterday was kind of fun though, the Arcu disco. The theme was Terminal 5. I wouldn’t say that it was absolute LIT but indeed it was fun dancing around with friends. Like the topic says: I was a business woman. Wearing a black skirt, white shirt with a pair of black heels. Classy?

What really cheered me up this evening- after having a major breakdown because of what to do in the future and so on, was that I went to a contemporary class – a workshop after dinner, here at the school. It was so much fun dancing modern again, I’ve missed it more than I actually dare to admit. Truth is, I get tremendously happier, more productive and in a better mood after I’ve been dancing, no joke. I got back around 8pm and studied for almost 2 hours. I literally swear that I learned more during those two hours than all the other hours today, spent studying. Only because of the 1.5 hours of modern class. #danceaddict 

I am SO tired right now and better go to sleep. I’ve once again going to Stockholm tomorrow, for ballet. I could not be more excited and only the fact that I’ll do ballet cheers me up. Another good thing is that it is only 11 days until I fly to Delhi, I’m missing my family so much ❤

Goodnightyy x 


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