So the countdown until the sports break continues: Now it is only a week until I am on the airplane on my way to Delhi… ❤

These past two days have been good, I guess. Though I am SO disappointed over a history test we did yesterday- not because I didn’t study (I always do) BUT because the test was only ONE single questions. We studied Industrial revolution, nationalism as well as colonialism… Oh well, it went good anyways I think. Apart from that test I’ve had three french tests this week. Next week Business is up, an essay due and an english assignment.

I get way more work done whenever I have worked out or done class, meaning I am currently trying to fit in as much exercising as possible, during my days. For example waking up 40 minutes earlier to be able to do strengthening exercises before going to school, then spending 1 to 2 hours in the gym in the evening/afternoon.

I finished at 1.20pm today and had a 2 hours long lunch break. During those hours, Ulrika and I head to town for some tasty lunch, before having our last class- which was math.

Today, while I was going out the door to do my laundry, I literally fell over my laundry bag and hit the ground (legit flying down to the asphalt) with my left knee. THAT hurt, I can assure you. Anyways, it is better now. At least I can walk and my knee is only a little swollen and bruised… #livingthatclumsylife

I am so happy that this school week is finally over by tomorrow, Friyayyyy!

Sweet dreams xxx


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