Dance talkin’

I am a dancer. I define myself as a dancer. I cannot go an hour about not thinking a single thought that isn’t dance related. Is that a good or a bad thing…?

Well, I mean, it is a bad thing considering I am in a boarding school with ONLY normal people, no dance but my own workouts everyday including ballet class with a teacher once a week…

Do I like it here? Hmm… 

I would not say that I dislike it, definitely not. I LOVE my room here at the boarding school, the house I live in, my roomie and my friends. I think the school, academically, is good. However, it would be a lie stating that I do not miss ballet.

I miss dancing. Every. Single. Day. 

I miss being with other dancers. I miss constantly working nonstop with my body. Always striving for perfection. I miss talking about dance. I miss watching dance. I miss taking class, jumping, adagio, turning, pointe, centre, allegro and so on.

I am going to Delhi in only some days. While there, I will do a MRI to see the progress of my back. Doctors will then be able to tell whether this sort of injury will heal enough for me to pursue a professional dance career. Or not.

If yes, which I really really hope, I will finish grade 10 here at the boarding school. Then start at the Royal Swedish Ballet school again, after the summer break, in August 2017.

As long as I know that my back can cope, I will do everything and anything to become a dancer. Not only some dancer. But a really good one.  


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