Monday, check!

Heyyy Guys!!

I’m currently at the bus, on my way home from having ballet class in Stocholm. I’ve just gone through my business and english notes, meaning I am well prepared for tomorrow’s  (and Wednesday’s test). It takes about an hour and 15 minutes to go to Stockholm from Sigtuna. That sounds like a lot but it is actually really convenient and the time passes by fast.

The ballet was super great today. More and more things are slowly but surely getting in to my body again, after so many weeks off daily dancing. I even tried doing cambré back, only  with a tiny tiny curve though, going over the shoulder blades and back up again but without any kind of problem at least. It makes me so happy dancing again, I really do try hard to fit in with all these normal people, without succeeding. As a ‘normal’ person you may not have any idea at all what I’m saying but believe me, all dancers out there can for sure relate. Everything from how you walk, stand or even talk differ from dancers to normal people… Not to mention the daily/weekly/monthly schedule.

I had a pretty chill day today. Yesterday was spent studying and then I ran for 25 minutes, 11 km/h, and stretched for a bit.

I hope you’ve had a good day! It is only three days until I leave for Delhi… ❤ <3<3 




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