Singapore travel diary: 2nd day


Good evening guys!! 

Day 2 of Singapore has now come to an end. We had an amazing, but tiring, day at Universals studio Singapore. 

After a whole day, trying out different (fun) attractions and almost dying because of the warm and humide weather; we went back to the hotel for some swimming and chilling. Then I worked out before eating a steak buffet dinner. So delicious! 

It only took us around 15 minutes to get from the hotel to Universals, when there we had the express tickets, which made everything go so much fast. Instead of a 90 minutes queue, we waited for 15 minutes the most! Totally worth it…

All the attractions were great fun as well. We especially enjoyed the 4D (I guess it is called?) Transformers ride- where it feels exactly like you’re in their world: escaping the other transformers, jumping high buildings or fighting in the spirit of saving the world.

We are not sure about our plans for tomorrow. We might spend the morning tanning by the pool and later go for some shopping in town. We will see about that,

Nighty y’all!


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