Singapore travel diary: 4th day

Heyy guys, 

To say the least: this has been an amazing day! 

When we were checking at the Marina Bay Sands‘ hotel this morning, we got upgraded– and given the Presidential Suite. What a pleasant surprise. This room, or should I say flat(?) is incredible. It has giant windows, showing a stunning view over Singapore itself. Not to talk about the cinema and karaoke room, massage room, gym or the robotic toilettes. A once in a life time experience, but a good one. 

Anyway, when the chock of the room had gone down a little, we took the metro into the Orchard station– where the most shopping is. Do you have ANY idea of how well organised or clean these metros and stations are? You even have to pay 500 SPD if DRINKING underground and 5000 if throwing away something…

In the middle of town, in one of the many big shopping malls, we found this really cool place where we had lunch. The food was made right in front of you, on your table. Big saucepans were placed in the centre and food was put in them. It was delicious!

After that we head to a hotel called Raffles, for the famous (obligatory) drink; Singapore Sling. The rest of the afternoon was spent by the incredible infinity pool and we later enjoyed a great dinner in one of the restaurants here.

With other words, it has been a really good day!
See youu



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