Nope, I didn’t stay home today, though it may look like it. This is because I had a 3 hours long break, meaning; sleeping and studying and watching Gilmore Girls…


Studies, sickness and more studies 

Hey everyone!! 

I’m SO sorry for not posting anything for 2 days. To be honest, I’ve felt really sick, not to mention the loads for school work I have. Yesterday we did a social studies test in economics, which went pretty well I think. 

This night I woke up at 2 in the morning. I wasn’t feeling good at all and had the worst stomach ache. I was up for 2 hours because I couldn’t sleep. Around 4ish, my roomie woke up as well and ironically enough she was feeling just as bad as I was. We had to call husmor to get some medicine since we both were legit dying. Oh well, I did fall asleep around 5 but stayed home for almost the whole school day. I only went to a meeting in the afternoon as well as the A-level maths since we have a BIG exam coming up next week… NOT looking forward to that.

Yesterday was Monday and I had ballet as usual. It wasn’t the best class ever though, I had been feeling sick throughout the day resulting in not eating either breakfast, lunch or dinner. That’s really bad and probably the main reason why the dance class didn’t go that well.

By the way, my best friend Rut just got the amazing news that she got in to KHIO, the ballet school in Norway. I’m so happy for her!! ❤

I was feeling slightly better this evening and did a floor barre and worked with some port des bras.

Tomorrow is uniform day and we also have the pulshöjande activities, so I’m going to the gym after school for some workout.

Although I’ve been sleeping more or less throughout the whole day, I’m still soo tired.  Nightyyy!! 

Saturday, please stay 

Hey everyone !! 

We’re only 4 girls left at the boarding house, since it’s a yellow weekend most chose to leave. I wish I was going somewhere (aka Stockholm) but at the same time I really need to study which resulted in me staying. 

It’s been a really cozy day. I woke up around 7.30 and studied until brunch, which was at 10. Then me and Armita went to the gym in town. I ran, did legs, core, arms, calves and so on. We got back around one, then we spent the whole afternoon studying in the dining room. That was really needed and I got a whole lot of things done. 

Since we were only 4 girls left, husmor decided that we could make dinner ourself, for a change. We made pasta with pesto, chicken and salad with tomatoes, mozzarella and avocado. Delicious! 

I’ll probably spend tomorrow just like I did today. Studying… and working out of course! I hope you’re all having a good weekend ❤ puss 

2 weeks until–> Incredible India




Has anyone watched the Gilmore girls series? It’s really good and SO cozy to watch. I’m soon finished with season 1 so I have quite a bit to go before I’ve watched it all. Definitely recommending it though! 

Today I had lunch for 2.5 hours which was AMAZINGLY nice. I went to town with two girls from my class and then just chilled in my room. On Thursdays we always have, so called, läxis (basically mandatory study hours) before dinner. Starting at 4.30 until 6pm, meaning we have the evening off. Though today was a Hemmakupp game going on, which obviously was mandatory watching. This started at 8.30pm so at least we had quite some time for ourselves. I spent a really nice time with Sabina, going to town and buying candy #healthy ❤

Before läxis, we two were working out together- doing abs as well as a floor barre. Tomorrow I’ll spend some hours in the studio which will be really nice. I’ll then get back to the boarding house in the later evening, to spend my weekend here. I low key wish I was going to Stockholm but then I figured that I might as well stay here so I really get a lot of time to workout and to study.

Lucky me, I have a sleep-in tomorrow starting at 9!! Hope you all had a good day, nighty! ❤

First ever pointe shoe class 

What can I say..? It’s every little ballerinas dream: to one day put on those magic shoes which will make you fly over the stage on only the top of your toes. What is the first pointe shoe class like? Does it hurt? How do you prepare a brand new pair of pointe shoes? For how long will they last? 

This blogpost will be all about pointe shoes with special focus on your first pointe class. To begin with, you need to have the right shoes. They should not be too wide, too narrow, too big or too small. It should feel as if a glove is holding your foot, giving it a gentle pressure without hurting. Unless your teacher is really strict and prevents you from wearing protection, which I think is rather rare nowadays, you should wear protection to reduce the pain. I use the ouch pouches from Bloch, I believe.

Dancing in pointe shoes may hurt; depending on what brand of shoes you are wearing, how used to it you are and the time you are dancing. For me, I did not have that much pain from using the Grishko ones but my Freed shoes always hurt a lot. Remember to try to keep your blisters as clean as possible, you don’t want any infections!

There are many different brand out there, Sansha, capezio, Grishko, Bloch, Russian pointe, gaynor minden and such. It is important that you’ve gotten professional help from people that really do know that the shoes chosen for you is a good pair. I got my pointe shoes when I was 10 and have been using Grishko 2007s the majority of my time on pointe. Though I’ve lately gone over to Freed II as they give my feet a nicer look.

Well, back to the first pointe class. I often get the question: What should I bring? To start with you should, unless your teacher says differently, be dressed just as you would be for a normal ballet class. Hair in a bun, tights, leotard, bring a water bottle and your soft shoes. It may only be a pointe class but bringing your soft shoes is always a good idea.

Before the actual class, make sure your shoes are nicely prepared and ready to use. Check with your teacher whether you should put wrist bands as well and what he/she would like the top of the shoes to look like. When at home, you want to make the fitting even better. After preparing them, start by stepping on the box before putting them on. This will soften them a bit. Another good thing to do is to put water on front on the sides of shoe. After that, put on socks to keep your feet warm. Start doing rélévées- parallel as well as turned out.

I can’t say any specific number of weeks/days that my pointe shoes last for. When dancing intensely in Freeds for example, they may only last a few classes while my Griskho shoes can be kept for a week or so. People that are not dancing that much and may only do it as a hobby might keep the same pair for months! It all depends on who you are.

This is pretty much it! The key things to keep track on is that the shoe is fitting your feet nicely. Always make sure you are completely warmed up before going en pointe and be careful that you always work through half pointe when dancing- this will prevent injuries as well as strengthen your feet. Additionally, to make the pointe work even better- keep doing foot exercises outside class. Rélévées in soft shoes, theraband exercises, flex/point, etc.

Good luck with your pointe shoes!! ❤ 

Monday: should be optional 

Hey guys!! 

I’m so sorry for the lack of daily blogposts as well as dance related posts. I’ve really had a lot to do lately and that’s why my blogging has been this bad. Another excuse is the fact that mom has been here, visiting me! ❤ We were looking for different apartments around Stockholm yesterday. 

One of the apartments was such a nice one, I really hope we’ll be able to buy that one. Soon we’ll found out and I’ll keep you updated along the way… 

Anyways, this was a tough Monday. Partly because it was Monday, the weather was all grey, cold, rainy and I was feeling sick with such a bad headache and a feverish feeling. I was supposed to go to Stockholm for ballet but it then got cancelled… The good thing though is that I’m going tomorrow instead. 

I finished a bit earlier today, around 2.30pm. I directly went to my room and sort of slept for 3 hours until it was dinner. That, plus some painkillers, made me feel much better. Gotta do what you gotta do… 😉 

It’s already a bit after 11 and I should really sleep, considering I’ve put the alarm on 5.30am so I’ll be able to workout before breakfast, at 7. Wish me luck with that! 

Goodnight ❤