Singapore travel diary: 5th & last day




Hey guys!

So we just got home to our apartment in Delhi some hours ago. The 5.5 hours flight was spent listening to music, studying math and I also watched Moana as well as the newly released movie “Dancer” with Sergei Polunin- amazing!! He is an absolute stunning and incredible dancer and I recommend everyone to watch, dancers and non dancers…

It was sad leaving the wonderful presidential suite we had the possibility to stay in, but we did the most of the day though we went to the airport at 2 o’clock already. In the morning, we were by the infinity pool (the worlds highest I believe?) and when finished packing everything we walked to the Gardens by the Bay. 

The Gardens by the Bay is exactly what is sounds like, a huge garden by the Marina Bay hotel. They have incredible trees and the surroundings are super cool. We had lunch in the highest tree, with a stunning view over Singapore, 55m up.

Tomorrow I will finally see my ballet friend again and join the class she is holding in one of the studios here. I also have physio at 2.30 in the afternoon and then I will go to AES to pick up my siblings. I love being back in Delhi again though the trip to Singapore was definitely one of the best ones we’ve ever done- and we have traveled a lot. We managed doing so much in under only a few days. Loved every second of it! 

Sleep tight, goodnightttt ❤ 


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