Heyyy guys!! 

So… I am back at it: School.

This day wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, which was surprisingly good. My flights yesterday went alright as well, nothing was delayed and after I got my luggage I met up with a girl, also living in my house, and we shared a taxi.

The only annoying thing was that during my stopover in Helsinki, they kept changing the gates until it was 10 minutes to boarding the plane. I literally ran back and forth between several gates since they obviously could not make up their mind where to depart form. However I luckily managed finding the right one and suddenly I had already landed in Stockholm. It was really nice seeing all the girls again, like sisters.

I finished at 2.15pm today and half an hour later I went to the gym where I spent 2 and a half hours working out. It was a good workout, starting off by running for 20 minutes- getting my muscles all nice and warm, then continuing with strength: core, back, legs, turnout, feet, calves, arms and so it goes on. I finished by spending some time in the studio, doing a little bit of barre with pointe shoes.

I will be traveling to Stockholm tomorrow evening for ballet, so that’s exciting! The time on the train will definitely be spent studying for an upcoming math test- this Wednesday… 

Wish you all a goodnight’s sleep ❤ 


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