Women’s dayayay 

Heyy guys!! 

Happy International women’s day! Women are much more capable of doing things than men are and we’re overall the best, right girls? To be fair though, women and men should be treated equally and there should never, whatsoever, exist inequalities between the genders. 

I’m currently in bed, it’s almost 11 pm and husmor just said goodnight to my roomie and me. Today was uniform day followed by pulshöjande- meaning I spent the afternoon at the gym working out.

This day was quite an OK one in the beginning, then we had a fortunately(!) easy math test which went really well I think, so I’m happy about that. I just recently got my grades for a french essay and a business test which were both As so that made me super happy. Not that it matters though, considering the fact that I won’t be here next year. However, since the math test was a good one, my whole day got way better. I finished around 2pm and did floor barre for an hour and then gym for an hour with Sabina <3!

After dinner we had läxis as usual, I worked on an English speech and a Swedish one. I have loads of things to do for next week; tests, essays and presentations… Well, hopefully I’ll manage.

I’m so tired right now and can’t wait to sleep, nighty you all


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