Weekend: studying and Stockholm trips

Heyy guysss, 

I am so sorry that I haven’t posted for 2 days something, I am all fed up with school and have overall had loads of things to do. Sry! 

Anyhow, my Friday was a really great one- after school I went to Stockholm to do ballet and after that I met up with one of my best friends ❤ We had dinner at Espresso House before going to her house. We’ve been neighbours for several years, living exactly next to each other until we moved to Delhi. This meaning, while I was staying at her house I faced mine, which another family is currently renting. Quite weird I must say…

Well, we spent the night watching movies and had lots of candy aka getting fat ;). Such a cozy time. On Saturday morning we went to school- my old and soon to be current school: The Royal Swedish Ballet school. I watched a few classes and talked with teachers and friends. I actually loved being back there again and it was so nice to meet everyone. The class I will go in next year will be a really strong group, so that is super nice and I can’t wait to finally be in a dance school again. ❤

I got back to my boarding house Saturday evening/night. One of the girls had to go by ambulance to the hospital and Husmor came with her; meaning we were all alone with no adults. That was just fine though.

This Sunday have been spent studying for hours and hours. Swedish speech, test, english speech, history test and so it goes  on…

I got to hit the history books now (unfortunately) and we are soon having a house meeting around 10pm as well.

Goodnight you all, I wish you a great week ahead ❤ 


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