Holaa everyone!!

I am having a history test tomorrow, ahhh!! Therefore my friends and I spent this evening’s läxis at a boys’ home, to go through it all with their house tutor, who is a history teacher. And as if one history test wasn’t good enough, we are having another one on Friday as well…

My evening yesterday was all for ballet as I went to Stockholm for a class. The barre, which usually goes very well, wasn’t too good but the funny thing was that my pirouettes actually worked out pretty fine. Though I haven’t been turning in what feels like forever.

I worked out for almost two hours today. Starting with running for 20 minutes followed by a BUNCH of strengthening exercises. I’ve slowly, but surely, started to lift my arabesque higher than 45 degrees, aiming for 90. It does give me cramps in the upper back, since I haven’t used those muscles for months but other than that it is all fine.

If you’re wondering why on earth I posted 6 photos of carrots and oranges it is because that was a nice snack I tried before my workout. I put 2 carrots in the blender together with fresh orange juice from 3 oranges. Definitely worth trying! 

Tomorrow is uniform day as usual, since it’s Wednesday. This Friday my mom is coming to Sweden because of the parents’ day at school, on Saturday. We’ll then spend the weekend together which I really look forward to. ❤

I really need to go through my history notes before I fall asleep, goodnight you guys! 



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