Workout: exercises, sets, tips & tricks

Finally, I post some workout related blogposts, right? Here comes 4 different sets that will help shape those abs, legs and arm muscles. 

Remember: Always keep your core engaged. Though the exercise might not necessarily be for your abs, keeping your core will not only help making it stronger, but also prevent injuries and stabilize your body while moving. Don’t ever continue doing an exercise which causes you bad pain. I’ve done it too many times and it’s worth it not at all. Other than that, go ahead and try these exercises, have fun!

SET 1 

  • 50 crunches
  • 2 min Russian twists
  • 1 min long dips

Start by doing 50 crunches. To increase this exercises: Keep your legs in a 90 degree angle, add small weights for even more weight. Instead of going all the way flat down to the floor after each, go as high up you can (without coming in to a sit-up). Meaning, lift your shoulder blades off he floor and then do the crunches without ever lying completely flat. This will be followed by 2 min of Russian twists and 1 min of long dips. To make it all harder, keep weights on your legs and lift your legs up in a 90 degree angle here as well. When doing to long dips: lift your shoulder blades off the floor. Put the legs in the 90 degree pose. Start by stretching one leg out in front of you, extend it, turn out, lower down to almost, but not, touching the floor, go parallel, lift up and back to the standard pose. Keep alternating the legs doings like that, for one min. Repeat 3 times. 

SET 2: 

  • 10 times lifting arms followed by 8 push-ups. Push-up position: lift one arm turn to that side and back.

1 min Push-up position twist.
You start in push-up position. Carefully, steadily lift on arm off the floor without anything else moving- keep the rest of your body perfectly straight like a brick. Then turn the whole package to the side and then back. Alternate the arms like this 10 times. Increase the exercise by adding a side lift (or however many you’d like) when turning your body sideways. This is followed by 8 push-ups. My arms aren’t that strong so I do it on my knees- full pushups are obviously better, if you manage.

After this, stay in push-up position and twist your body side to side, your hip should almost touch the ground. Keep going for 1 min. Repeat everything 3 times. 

SET 3: 

  • 10 lunges forward
  • 10 lunges backwards
  • 5 lunges up to relevés

(Add weights if you want to increase it all!)

Start with regular lunges, going forward or staying on the spot, you choose. Do this 10 times, be careful to get that perfect 90 degree angle with your foot and knee in line: when in the lunge. After these 10, go directly into the ones backwards. Keep the weight on your front leg. The pelvis should be steady and the core supporting throughout everything you do. Your legs should be somewhat tired after this. What you do next, is that you do a backwards lunges but instead of putting down your leg and alternate between them: you lift it up to the same level as your hips, while pushing the floor with the standing leg to relive (toe rise). Keep doing this 5 times per leg. Add weights on the legs and arms if you want it to be even harder. Can you do this relève lunge with closed eyes? Repeat 3 times, allow yourself some rest in-between the sets- 30s something.

SET 4: 

  • Sit up position. Weights + port des bras. 2 min, 3 times.

This will be perfumed in the Sit-up position, holding it for 2 min: Then start doing different port des bras with weights in your hands. Rest 30 s lying on your back in split, between the sets. Take two weights in each hand. Everyone from 0.5-3kg works, of course even more if your arms are strong enough. Put the timer on 2 min. Go halfway down to the floor, attaching the belly button to the spine. Put your arms in first. Neck and shoulders should be free, not tensed up or pressed together.
This is a simple set. However, I swear, repeating it 3 times will make you work hard with core and arms. You might even be sore after the first few times trying this out.

In general lunges, squats, push ups, crunches, back lifts, Russian twists, rélévées w/ without weights, side lifts in plank are all good exercises. If you want even more things to work on, try using a Pilates ball for floor barre, back exercises, plank position, crunches and so on.

I workout everyday, for about 2 hours; sometimes a bit less and sometimes more. It all depends on my schedule and how much I have to do in school. If you’re in a dance school I would suggest you to at least do this three times a week- it will strengthen your overall body and make you better in ballet too!

That’s it! Comment down below in case you have any questions ❤ 



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