Reunited with mom & parents day 

Heyy guys!! 

It’s finally the weekend, and you know what? I do not have ANYTHING to do till next week. That’s unbelievable and I’m so happy to finally have a free weekend without having to study or stress over school things; essays, exams, tests, dues, assignments… 

So yesterday I was reunited with my mom after quite some weeks. It was really nice seeing her and I’ll be staying at a hotel with her here in Sigtuna, until Monday morning- she’s flying back Monday afternoon. 

Today was the “Parents day meeting-” kinda thing, which basically means that the parents go around and meet the teachers and have a chat with them for 10 minutes, regarding how it’s going and how the student is doing in school. It was no problem for me and they were all stating what an ambitious student I am (which was nice to hear) and that they’re surprised I’ve been able to catch up this well though I started half a semester late. However this was when most of the teachers found out that I’m not going to be there next year. They thought it was sad that I was leaving but at the same time they were really happy I am actually able to pursue what I truly love to do- which is ballet. I think I’ve made it pretty clear that my life’s all about dance… ;-). Anyways, parents day was all good so that was nice. 

My meeting were done around 2pm and while mom was attending another meeting, specifically for the expatriate parents, I was with my friends in the boarding house. We were watching movies and just chilling, having a cozy time together. 

In the evening, all the parents had this big dinner together so me and Sabina, a girl in my boarding house, had dinner in town. Then we spent the evening together, which was really cozy ❤ 

Tomorrow will actually be such a great day. Mom and I are going in to Stockholm to look for an apartment which I’ll live in next year. I’m really looking forward to that. 

Enjoy your weekend ❤ goodnight 


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